KOTIAM: My calling towards Africa

KOTIAM: My calling towards Africa

KOTIAM is a calling for me. A calling towards Africa where my origins lie.
Born in Paris, I studied law that led me to a career within the French Ministry of Economy. I relocated to Nairobi, Kenya, following my husband in 2014. Just two months after my arrival I began working with local artisans to support them in not only improving product quality, but also in creating client bases in other countries.
When in September 2016 I moved to Amman with my small family then with two children, I really wanted to find work in my area of expertise but something in my belly was telling me that it wasn’t really what I should do.
For a year, while travelling around Africa, I was always enchanted by the magic of the creations by African artisans. I have always felt African know how was not very well known and underappreciated. I created KOTIAM in April 2018 with the dream to take you on a journey through the richness of African talents and resources. KOTIAM is a brand of accessories and home decoration, made from local environmentally friendly materials by mainly women artisans.
KOTIAM as a social entity that fights against period poverty by donating reusable pad kits to help girls to stay healthy and in school during their period.


KOTIAM meaning "my precious", is from Bangangté a language from west Cameroon where my origins are. This is how I call my children and it seemed logical to me to give the name KOTIAM to a brand which comes from my heart.


Now a proud mother of four, I continue on my quest by investing my energy, time and passion in my precious KOTIAM and my precious children…

       Join me on this adventure!

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