What ethically and locally-sourced materials go into making KOTIAM Collection accessories

We are proud to source all of the materials and fabrics that make up our KOTIAM Collections locally and sustainably in Kenya. Through recycling and use of natural materials and natural dyes we work to ensure that every component is as environmentally friendly and ethically sourced as possible. We want you to look good and feel good wearing every one of our accessories. Fashion with a conscience. 


SISAL: Sisal is a natural fibre that is extracted from leaves. It is strong and durable. It comes from the Agavaceae which is commonly grown in Kenya. The plant consumes little water to grow so is considered very environmentally friendly. Also, no pesticides or chemical fertilisers are used in sisal agriculture. The fibre takes dyes easily. In the production of our bags we use only natural dyes. 

BRASS: Brass is a mix of copper and zinc. It is a durable and sustainable materials (more than 80% of brass in the world is recycled). Our creative artisans source and recycle brass, and transform it into beautiful statement pieces. 

LEATHER: Our leather is sourced locally in Kenya. We use exclusively vegetable tanned leather, which is a method of tanning the cowhide into leather using "vegetables" - natural materials like tree bark. This process is completely natural so is sustainable and the most eco-friendly option.

HORN: Our artisans recycle local cow horn left over from the food industry. They are polished to bring out their unique tones and smoothest textures. These beautiful designs serve decorate our bags and are an important component of our jewellery designs.