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KOMBE Muasi Shopper Bag

KOMBE Muasi Shopper Bag

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The KOMBE Shopper bag is an ethical must have statement for you or a gift for someone special. It's embellished with beautiful jewelry made from recycled polished cow horn and brass. Fitted with leather handles made from locally sourced leather.  Each bag takes up to 4 days to be completed.

We love this bag for shopping, on the beach or as an extra carry-on bag

Your bag is delivered in a white cotton protection bag that helps you keep it longer.

Your impact: Use and wear it with pride as you are supporting Kenyan girls and women. With this bag you are fighting against period poverty by donating a reusable sanitary pad kits to a Kenyan girl.  Thus helping her stay healthy, happy and in school during her period. Furthermore you bring joy, self confidence and empowerment to women artisans who made this unique bag, the entire family and community.

Made from - Sisal Grass & Leather

Sisal is a strong and sustainable natural fiber. It is cultivated from the agave plant´s leaves without any chemical fertilizers. Our artisans use only natural dyes obtained from bark, leaves and soil, using skills passed on through generations.

Find out more about the materials we use and how best you can take care of your bag..

Dimensions - W42 x H31 x D26 cm
54 cm 


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